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Bertha Taylor is the founder of ABA-360. Bertha is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. Bertha's graduate work is in the area of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). She earned her degree from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Bertha has certificates of specialization in Autism and ABA by the Department of Special Education of the same institution.

Bertha has worked since 2012 with pediatric populations with a variety of neurotypical differences and a continuum of functioning levels. She has worked on assessments and implementation of behavioral intervention programs as well as skill acquisition programs. Bertha is passionate about using the science of ABA to improve the quality of lives of her clients and is highly skilled at working with families.


One of Bertha's greatest contribution to the science of ABA is her innate disposition to share her knowledge translated in effective behavioral interventions and training sessions. Bertha's motto is: "I am like the water, the shape my programming and training takes is whatever is necessary for my clients to learn".  "There are no bad students, only poorly design interventions and ineffective implementations".  Bertha regularly trains parents at conferences, individually or in groups in the implementation of behavioral replacement strategies for intensive ABA programs, home-based programs, academic facilities and skill acquisition programs.

Bertha loves collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and advocating for her clients. Bertha is motivated by the many applications of the science she so much loves. Bertha is often described by friends as a down to heart person with a long life commitment to continuous learning and making a positive difference in her client's lives and those of the families she considers a privilege to serve.

When asked what do you do? Her face lights up as she answers: "I am fortunate to wake up everyday and do what I was born to do; transform lives using a beautiful science, ABA".

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