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Applied Behavior Analysis

At ABA 360 we provide a continuum of services to support conjoint behavioral programming between school districts and families and organizations. We are uniquely qualified to utilize the science of ABA to improve the outcome for our clients. The following is a list of some of the many ABA services we provide:

  • Conduct school observations

  • Develop data collection systems

  • Functional behavior assessments

  • Conducting behavioral interviews with parents and school personnel

  • ABC descriptive analysis

  • Trigger analysis

  • In-situ hypothesis testing

  • Conducting performance discrepancy analysis

  • Review previous treatments implemented

  • Recommending replacement behaviors

  • Collaborative development of behavioral intervention plans

  • Developing functional behavior protocols for problem behaviors

  • Training protocols for intervention implementers

  • Data collection training

  • Data analysis and monitoring

If you are having challenges in the behavioral, social, functional, or academic domain please contact us to see how we can help. The science of ABA is not only for problem behavior reduction, but is also effective in promoting new skills acquisition.

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